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Codes   discount promotion:

* Free shipping in Valencia City.


01/11/2021 to 12/31/2021

- * If your purchase is over € 50, shipping costs within the city of Valencia will be automatically applied as Free. (Including promotions if applicable).


- * Promotion only applicable in our Online store

- * Promotion not applicable in the Physical Store or Telephone.

* How to use the code:


Choose the branch or center that you like the most, in the prices that appear on the screen the promotion discount is not applied, when you make the purchase a section will appear where it saysEXCHANGE YOUR COUPON . Copy the promotional code of the section there and the discount percentage will be applied to you.

Our promotions are only applicable to orders placed on our website in the days specified in the promotion. These promotions do not apply to purchases made directly in our physical store at calle Jesús, 44 cp. 46007 in Valencia or by phone.

It is possible that the promotion is only applicable to certain products / articles , to all products / articles , to a specific product / article or to the total order placed on this website. We reserve the right to make a maximum number of promotional items, these items   They may be for sale until the requirements are exhausted, these being limited or exhausted, once the stocks for the promotion are exhausted, these items may be sold at their normal sale price . The customer will be reflected the discount percentage of the promotion .

Also on certain occasions the discount percentage may be applied in the shipment .


Promotion not combinable with other promotions of F. La Alqueria. Single use for items / products.

All this will always be reflected in the promotion .

We reserve the right to Modify, Limit or cancel this promotion at our discretion when we see fit, even having set a validity date for the promotion if necessary. If they have been recorded by our system and are paid financially by the customer, if they for whatever reason could not be served he would make the full payment the customer payment on our website by the same system payment I make within 14 days   skillful .


The images shown in this promotion of the articles created by us are indicative since when they are created by hand, they could vary according to the image shown, always maintaining a floral order and harmony in the color tone, as well as the bases used in case of remaining Without stock we can change them as long as they maintain a price / quality ratio to the one shown.

By using the promotion code, the client who uses it will give their consent and accept these additional rules of F. La Alqueria, having read and understood these rules.